KEBUKE Signature Black Tea Joins Hands with Marie Claire Taiwan

KEBUKE Signature Black Tea Joins Hands with Marie Claire Taiwan


KEBUKE Signature Black Tea is joining hands with Marie Claire Taiwan magazine to produce two cool, fashionable products this summer. Starting July 15th at branches throughout Taiwan, KEBUKE invites you to enjoy the luxury of the golden days.

◼︎ Black Tea with Coffee and Lemon-NT$55
Extending our classic Black Tea with Coffee, with an entire lemon added, it brings a breath of fresh air on hot summer days. The richness of coffee and the freshness of lemons permeates through the mellow notes of well-steeped black tea, to give an inexhaustible sense of noble elegance and standing above the crowd. Like Khoja Iparhan, the unearthly beautiful Fragrant Concubine of legend, none approach it in countenance, while its scent impresses one and all.

◼︎ Plum Green Tea with Lemon and Kumquats-NT$55
A golden-yellow green tea; its full-bodied sweetness strolls on the tongue, accompanied by soft notes of plum juice and lemon. The dash of sour, sweet kumquat taste makes Plum Green Tea with Lemon and Kumquats a rich feast for the eyes and tastebuds. Like a peacock in full glorious display – the peacock, king of birds, the phoenix in physical form, giving off dazzling radiance, at once gorgeous and elegant.

・Prices NT$5 higher in Taipei, New Taipei, Keelung, the Outlying Islands, and department stores
・Available in Medium (500 ml) only; only served cold


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