Pokémon Co-Branded Products Now Available

Pokémon Co-Branded Products Now Available


Tea is like a soothing spark of energy; and tea accessories are a way of demanding the best out of life. For our KEBUKE signature black tea, we have created 10 exclusively themed co-branded products. They each bring you the blessings of everyday luxury, so get your exclusive Pokémon blue-and-white porcelain collectables today!

◼︎ Pokémon ACERA Liven Porcelain Travel Mug - NT$2,880
Our collaboration with fine ceramics maker ACERA shows off what makes you so unique.

◼︎ Pokémon Ceramic Cup and Plate - NT$1,280
Filled with blessings from your favorite Pokémon for luck and good fortune, this tea set helps you immerse yourself in quality when you take time for afternoon tea.

◼︎ Pokémon Fabric Cup Sleeve - NT$320
Classic Pokémon paired with entwined branches bring good luck, so you can take your favorite drinks with you on the go.
Pikachu / Psyduck / Meowth / Gengar

◼︎ Pokémon Absorbent Ceramic Coaster - NT$250
Classic Pokémon combined with designs that match their personalities bring good luck and make these water-absorbent coasters even more enjoyable.
Chansey / Gyarados / Snorlax / Moltres

・Available at KEBUKE branches throughout Taiwan
・All prices given are per unit; products can be mixed and matched


KEBUKE signature black tea Opens to celebrate Christmas

Coconut! I love summer, all items can be added with coconut jelly as the topping.

Christmas presents for all! Classic chocolate squares in two flavors now available: Milk Tea with Ruby Chocolate & Panna Cotta, and Milk Tea with Chocolate & Panna Cotta