Official Statement by KEBUKE Tea Co.

Official Statement by KEBUKE Tea Co.


Established in early summer, 2008, KEBUKE started next to Xiangshang Market in Taichung. KEBUKE in Taiwanese means tshuì ta bô (“Are you thirsty?”), which is the kindest local greeting. We always steadfastly do it the right way and bring warmth and kindness through a cup of good tea. We believe that when something goes back to basics, it shows its purest form – and people are no different.

Our brand has more than 200 stores in Taiwan so far. We sincerely appreciate everyone’s support and love, as well as the efforts of every franchise owner. We will continue to provide great tea and service to every customer.

Recently, many stories unconnected to our Brand have been in the news. In order to prevent consumers from being confused and deceived, KEBUKE Tea Co. hereby makes the following three statements:

1、The KEBUKE Tea Co. brand headquarters is solely located in Taiwan. All franchise and agency matters in Taiwan and oversea are managed and operated by our Headquarters. The Company has established no franchises or agency channels overseas, nor have we held any franchising or agency seminars. If you are interested in participating in franchising and agency, please contact our Headquarters, which is the only contact channel.

2、As of now, KEBUKE Tea Co. has not established any overseas stores. The Company does not operate overseas under any other brand names, nor does the Company cooperate with any enterprises through other forms. Any “KEBUKE Tea Co.” stores recently established outside Taiwan are unconnected with our Company.

3、If a news story is not published by our headquarters official website or official social platforms, such a news story is not officially approved by the Company. Pay attention to information sources and verify them appropriately, to prevent rumors from affecting customers’ rights and interests.

March 19, 2021