KEBUKE: A Dream of Choco-Venture

Follow “KEBUKE: A Dream of Choco-Venture” to welcome a heart-warming winter at the end of the year. KEBUKE Signature Black Tea invites you to join this chocolate fantasy adventure into the dazzling cloud, finding the formula for happiness and what makes our beverages special! The two must-drink beverages for winter – Milk Tea with Chocolate & Panna Cotta, and Milk Tea with Ruby Chocolate & Panna Cotta – will be officially launched in our stores around Taiwan on November 3rd! In addition, in November, our special beverages will be exclusively available on the Uber Eats delivery platform, where you can use the KEBUKE Discount Code and enjoy special discounts for new and existing customers.


Since the launch of these chocolate beverages coincides with two important festivals – Christmas and New Year’s Eve, both carrying memories of joyful reunions – we use Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as the theme. In addition to the full sense of festivity and the core concepts that our brand has always adhered to –old-school romance, re-envisioning the classics, and holding onto our original intentions –the direction of this theme tends toward a more childlike direction, with the core values of family affection and sharing. We believe that this will bring a warm, joyful, and fantastic chocolate experience to everyone who is working hard during the pandemic.


——KEBUKE A Dream of Choco-Venture X Uber Eats: Beverage Theme with Special Cup Seals

KEBUKE has cooperated with Uber Eats to create the cup seal design. With the special glasses in the story, people can instantly get the goods shown on TV, a feat that seemed unbelievable in the past. And no one expected that our dreams would come true with the invention of food delivery platforms. Now you can quickly get the food and drinks you see on the screen by clicking your mobile phone – and that is the core spirit of Uber Eats.


■ KEBUKE X Uber Eats: 2021/11/3-11/30 Seasonal Limited Discount

Special discount for new customers: Enter code “可不可新客5折” (“KEBUKE new customers 50% off”) for two 50% off discounts (limit two coupons, maximum value NT$200).


Discount for all customers: Enter code “可不可40”  (“KEBUKE 40”) to enjoy a NT$40 discount off a minimum purchase of NT$199.

Newly-Launched Sweet, Warm Beverages: Milk Tea with Chocolate & Panna Cotta, and Milk Tea with Ruby Chocolate & Panna Cotta

Our new chocolate products for winter combine seasonally-limited panna cotta with two kinds of chocolate. Milk Tea with Chocolate & Panna Cotta – with a unique and charming caramel aroma, combined into our mellow signature black tea with milk, contains Belgian golden chocolate, making a rich taste that lingers. The creamy, smooth panna cotta’s multilayered texture is a unique classic that lingers in the taste memories. The other product, Milk Tea with Ruby Chocolate & Panna Cotta — has a slightly sour berry aroma; in mellow signature black tea with milk, you may be surprised by the taste of Belgian ruby chocolate. This drink overflows with soft, creamy panna cotta, dense and rich in milky enjoyment. The smoothness is gentle and neither too sweet nor greasy. Bring a touch of romance to the tip of your tongue! Drink up with Chocolate & Dreams, Warming Heart & Hope in this festive atmosphere!


—— Less is More: Bauhaus Visual Design

The visual theme for this chocolate design is based on Bauhaus visual language/geometries (lines, circles, squares, and triangles), using subtractive thinking to depict abstract lines: Less is More, sans serif, and simple styles. We imagine the desire of the future world for the past. Everyone has a child in their heart, just like the fantasy we all have for chocolate. The visual design’s innocence and faithfulness reflect the pure features of the beverages. The clean, tidy, direct art of children – their natural visual vocabulary – is a gestalt that can communicate without using grammatical phrases, so we use Euclidean geometry to contrast pure & strong color, Dadaism and futuristic collage printing. It is also transformed (signature black tea) from the primary colors of Bauhaus (original heart) into a pure and multilayered chocolate flavor.