Breaking the sensory feast: introducing the first-ever Black Tea with Proton Pineapple and Rose

The flavor becomes more intense with each sip, and it has a rich and sweet aftertaste that will linger long after your last drink. 

As the long weekend approaches, let’s kick off the festivities with this new drink sensation!
KEBUKE is taking on the challenge of creating a new iced fruit tea that combines their signature tea with all-natural fresh pineapple using their innovative freezing technique. By preserving the original fresh fruit flavor, KEBUKE creates a unique Pineapple proton that perfectly blends with their classic Nuwara Eliya Black Tea. Don’t forget to shake it 20 times before drinking to ensure an even more flavorful experience! The drink will be officially launched on March 30, 2023, at all KEBUKE stores nationwide.


Black Tea with Proton Pineapple and Rose  Drink Tips

It starts with a refreshing icy sensation and progresses to an increasingly rich and complex flavor. KEBUKE uses their innovative low-temperature freezing technique to lock in the fresh fruit’s nutrition and taste, and they add a special rose sauce to enhance the drink’s fresh aroma. The sweetness of the classic Nuwara Eliya Black Tea complements the fruity flavor, resulting in a multi-layered, unique taste.

To get the most out of this new drink, KEBUKE recommends shaking it 20 times before drinking and using a straw to mix the pineapple proton to achieve an even richer flavor. With every sip, you’ll be transported to a world of rich and indulgent flavors.


「The greatest magic of growing up is believing.」

Aside from creating a new and unique drink experience, KEBUKE also draws inspiration from the classic children’s story “The Wizard of Oz” to design their drink. They hope to connect with their customers through the characters’ belief and positive energy in the story, such as the Scarecrow, the Tin Woodman, and the Cowardly Lion. KEBUKE hopes that their Black Tea with Proton Pineapple and Rose will bring new hope and experiences to customers’ daily lives.