Milk Tea with Ruby Chocolate and Matcha with Vanilla Ice Cream New drinks now available

“Ice cream with ruby chocolate keeps you feeling cool.” To the classic elements of matcha, ice cream, and ruby chocolate sauce, this summer we add new and exciting tastes. KEBUKE signature black tea has now released two new flavors for summer: Matcha with Vanilla Ice Cream, and Milk Tea with Ruby Chocolate. Both are available starting May 25th at our stores around Taiwan, to help you feeling cool!
Last year, our year-end limited-time-only Matcha with Vanilla Ice Cream got rave reviews, so now it’s back! The moment the delectable ice cream hits your tongue, all the heat of summer blissfully dissipates. We’ve also made public the previously secret way to order Milk Tea with Ruby Chocolate; not only do we pair ruby chocolate sauce with matcha flavor, but we also pair it with our strongly tea-flavored Signature Black Tea with Milk, bringing a whole new level of taste to classic milk tea.
This time, we focus on summer and Ukiyo-e elements for the spirit of the products and designs. The new product theme is presented using a retro poster palette and sense of line, in hopes of giving you a moment to pause during early summer and savor both the beauty of old Japan and the delights of new tastes.