KEBUKEXStarlight BnB Summer Collaboration

KEBUKEXStarlight BnB Summer Collaboration


This collaboration is amazing!

KEBUKE tea company teams up with the drama series “Light the Night” to create a light-themed reality TV show called “Starlight BnB” The show features a luxurious cast including Ruby Lin, Cheryl Yang, Ivy Cheng, Vivian Kuo, Eric Chou, Greg Han, and Hans Chung, who manage a pet-friendly guesthouse. The collaboration also includes a special drink called “Starlight Opening Welcome Drink,” created by KEBUKE tea company exclusively for the show.


Limited Edition Summer Collaboration – Roselle Black Tea with Assam Lemon and Mixed Berries Pricing Information

【Roselle Black Tea with Assam Lemon and Mixed Berries】
The combination of hibiscus and lemon creates a romantic summer melody. We dance with our bodies, exuding a refreshing aroma, allowing the sweetness and sourness to captivate your taste buds.

  • Northern Taiwan, Taipei, New Taipei, and outlying islands: M size $60 / L size $70
  • Central and Southern Taiwan: M size $55 / L size $65
  • The lowest ice level is at room temperature, no options for warm/hot drinks.
  • Unsweetened, only contains hibiscus syrup and rose syrup for sweetness.
  • Hibiscus has a cooling property, and roses are cooling as well. Pregnant and lactating women, as well as consumers during their menstrual cycles, should consume with caution.


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KEBUKE × KFC: Co-branded KFC/KEBUKE Ruby Au lait Egg Tart available starting December 7th

飲料季搖一夏🥤使用全盈PAY 最高享30%點數回饋