KebukeXPluspay Nindi Additional Pay

KebukeXPluspay Nindi Additional Pay


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During the event period, upon first-time registration with Pluspay and making any purchase from specified brands via your subscription, you will receive $50 Pluspay credit (limited to one transaction per person, with a total limit of 2,000 participants).

1. The Pluspay credit gift will be credited to eligible Pluspay e-wallet accounts by September 30, 2023.
2. The Pluspay credit can be used for peer-to-peer transfers between users and for making payments at the time of consumption, with no expiration date.
3. When distributing rewards for the promotional event, Pluspay accounts must be registered and in an active status. In case any of the following situations occur at the time of reward distribution and prevent the completion of the reward issuance, it will be considered as forfeiting the eligibility for the reward: closure of Pluspay membership, termination of account, forced suspension, deletion, or any other violations of the terms and conditions of this promotional event.
4. If users participate in this event and use Pluspay to make purchases through the specified channels mentioned in the event conditions, it implies their agreement to the terms and conditions of this event. Users also consent to authorize Pluspay to provide necessary information, including but not limited to name, phone number, Pluspay e-wallet account, to relevant vendors of the event for the purpose of providing event gifts and distributing discounts.
5. Participants agree that all participation data and records related to this event shall be based on the records in the Pluspay information system. In the event of any computer system malfunction, network issues, abnormal transmission, or force majeure circumstances, Pluspay reserves the right to temporarily suspend related services. Pluspay shall not be liable for any delay, loss, error, or inability to identify participant data resulting from such circumstances, and participants shall not raise any objections thereto. For matters not covered herein, they shall be handled in accordance with relevant regulations of Pluspay.
6.Participants found to engage in malicious activities such as using malware, tampering with records, violating laws, or employing other illegal means to undermine the fairness (including but not limited to repeated closure of accounts) or accuracy of this event, or intending to confuse or influence the outcome of this event, discovered by Pluspay or reported by a third party, Pluspay reserves the right to not only disqualify the participant from receiving any prizes but also to reclaim any prizes already awarded. Participants shall bear all legal responsibilities arising from violations of relevant regulations.
7.These terms and conditions are subject to change at any time without prior notice, and in the event of any dispute, Pluspay and the relevant partner channels reserve the right to make the final decision.
8. If you have any comments or questions regarding this event or the Pluspay privacy policy, please feel free to contact Pluspay through the following channels: Customer Service Phone: 02-7753256 Customer Service Email:



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