KEBUKE X plusPay Anniversary Celebration Event

KEBUKE X plusPay Anniversary Celebration Event


Celebrate plusPay’s anniversary! Extra rewards every Tuesday.

▸ Event Period: 2023/5/20-6/30

▸ Event Details:
– Event 1:
During the event period, every Tuesday, using plusPay for a single transaction of NT$50 or more at KEBUKE tea company, you will receive a 10% cashback in pluspay credit.
(Maximum cashback per transaction is NT$30. Limited to 1 transaction per person per day, with a daily limit of 500 cashbacks.)
Event 2:
During the event period, new registrations of plusPay that are eligible for Event 1 will receive NT$30 in plusPay credit.
(Limited to 1 redemption per person, with a total of 500 redemptions available.)

▸ Cashback Redemption: The plusPay credit that meets the event requirements will be sent to the plusPay e-wallet account linked at the time of the transaction by July 31, 2023.


▸ Notes:

  • The cashbacks from Event 1 and Event 2 can be combined. For example, if person A registers for plusPay during the event period and spends NT$50 or more at KEBUKE tea company, they will receive NT$35 in plusPay credit (10% general cashback + NT$30 new user cashback).
  • plusPay credit can be used for transfers between users and for making payments during transactions, with no expiration date.
  • To be eligible for the cashback rewards, plusPay must be registered and activated. If there are any circumstances that prevent the cashback rewards from being delivered, such as plusPay membership termination, account closure, unbinding, forced suspension, deletion, or violation of the event’s terms and conditions, the cashback eligibility will be forfeited.
  • By using plusPayPay for transactions through the designated channels mentioned in the event, you authorize plusPay to provide necessary information, including but not limited to your name, phone number, and plusPay e-wallet account, to the relevant vendors for the purpose of delivering event rewards and offers.
  • These terms and conditions may be subject to change without prior notice. In case of any disputes, plusPay, the affiliated partners, and the cooperating banks reserve the right to make the final decision.


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