The Pokémon Co-Branded Beverage Series Has Arrived!

The Pokémon Co-Branded Beverage Series Has Arrived!


This fall’s journey for the tastebuds starts with 4 limited-time-only drinks in surprising and delightful flavors, and four classic Pokémon cup designs, randomly selected: Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Jigglypuff, and Mew. The amazing, unique flavors make for limitless visual enjoyment and taste sensation.

◼︎ Peach Black Tea with Yakult-Medium NT$40 / Large NT$50
The pink peaches bring to mind the wonderful song of Jigglypuff. The rouge-colored black tea, with underlying notes of peach, is joined by just the right sour, sweet taste of Yakult. It brings up the bountiful sweetness of childhood; in combination with light rose and jasmine, it’s like being carried away by the pure, clean music of Jigglypuff, like the beauty of starting afresh.

◼︎ Matcha with Vanilla Ice Cream-Medium NT$50 / Large NT$60
The green of the matcha reminds one of Bulbasaur. The melting snow-white threads in layers through the green; the melt-on-the-tongue vanilla ice cream and Shizuoka matcha intermingle, by turns rich and changing. There is just the slightest hint of winter melon, giving a rich taste of refreshing, multilayered enjoyment. It smoothly, continuously satiates the taste buds.

◼︎ Oat Milk Tea with Coffee Tapioca Cube-Medium NT$60 (Available in Medium only)
The uniquely fresh taste brings to mind Mew. The well-steeped black tea, giving off a woody fruit aroma, is combined with Oatly oat drink from Sweden. Like a golden field of wheat in a sunset, it brings the delicate scent of grain, and has a rich, well-rounded taste. The texture is like that of coffee, while also having the chewiness of tapioca pearls and the tenderness of grass jelly. The wonderful, rich taste is like the super-powerful Mew, dancing on the tongue.

◼︎ Milk Tea with Pudding-Medium NT$60 / Large NT$70
The yellow pudding recalls the ever-popular Pikachu. Starting with the classic taste of mellow, rich black tea and milk, we specially select rich, thick caramel custard to match. Every smooth mouthful gives a tender, chewy texture, and the sweetness of the caramel makes a perfect pairing with the tea. It carries one like a bolt of Pikachu’s lightning, to roam free, happy, and full of energy.

・Prices NT$5 higher in Taipei, New Taipei, Keelung, the Outlying Islands, and department stores
・Coffee Tapioca Cubes are vegetarian


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