KEBUKE brings you fortune! Portable New Year K’lub Mahjong Set

KEBUKE brings you fortune! Portable New Year K’lub Mahjong Set


Win at mahjong with KEBUKE! Playing mahjong is an essential part of the New Year celebration. Before the eve of the Lunar New Year, KEBUKE launches our K’lub Mahjong Set. We have compressed the mahjong set into a box designed as a miniature of our signboard. This allows you to bring it everywhere, from the dining table to the picnic blanket, from the street to the outdoors. This mahjong set lets you be unconstrained by place! The K’lub Mahjong Set helps your New Year wishes come true with exclusive classic designs. Now, if you purchase the K’lub Mahjong set, receive a free New Year Scratch Card.

◼︎ K’lub Mahjong Set NT$2,880/set
・One-set limit per customer

◼︎ When It’s Available
・02/03 (Wed.) 12:30 First limited launch on the online store 
・02/05 (Fri.) Official launch at all stores across Taiwan.

◼︎ Product Features
・Mini 28mm Mahjong. Super-compact to make it extremely portable.
・Bams are straws; dots are white bubbles; blanks are K cups.
・4 types of Victorian accessories and swallow pattern to match the four seasons
・The gold edge box with flannelette interior accentuates the elegance of plum, orchid, bamboo and chrysanthemum.


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