“All you need is real talk”: KEBUKE/Dcard co-branded beverages Passion matcha and Ruby matcha

“All you need is real talk”: KEBUKE/Dcard co-branded beverages Passion matcha and Ruby matcha


KEBUKE signature black tea has joined forces with Dcard to present a special project, “All you need is real talk”. In coordination, we’re offering two new co-branded matcha series beverages: Passion Matcha (launched on 3/31) and Ruby Matcha (launched on 4/14). These two beverages add the delight of passion fruit konjac jelly and ruby chocolate, creating a whole new interpretation of matcha beverages.

◼︎ Passion Matcha-M$55/L$65
Shizuoka matcha meets sweet, sour passion fruit konjac jelly; the aroma of ripe fruit and winter melon transforms into a floral and refreshing vibe from the rich matcha. The smooth, sweet aroma with chewy texture is what makes this taste so unique. The fresh, vivid colors, just like the straightforwardness and enthusiasm of “Passion” itself, gives courage to express your true self.

◼︎ Ruby Matcha-M$65 (Medium size only)
Combined with rich Shizuoka matcha-flavored milk, carefully-selected ruby chocolate from Belgium is a perfect match for the light sweetness of winter melon. There are final notes of a slight natural berry sourness, creating a multilayered, rich taste. The elegant, romantic pink color, with its fresh and pleasant “Ruby” attitude, bravely expresses love and sincerity.

・Minimum ice for Passion Matcha is completely no ice; not available as room temperature/warm/hot beverage.
・Ruby Matcha available as hot beverage.
・Prices NT$5 higher in Taipei, New Taipei, Keelung, the Outlying Islands, and department stores.
・Both beverages use winter melon and no additional liquid sugar; sugar level cannot be changed.


Good Luck Charm of Tiger Year – Mature Gold Version release on online store on January 31th .

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