KEBUKE 15th Anniversary New Menu Launching on 9/14 GO WILD

KEBUKE 15th Anniversary New Menu Launching on 9/14 GO WILD


Happy 15th Birthday, KEBUKE!

In celebration of 15 years of KEBUKE Aged Red Tea, we uphold the spirit of our original intentions. Under the slogan ‘GO WILD,’ we symbolize self-discovery, breaking boundaries, and broadening our brand’s horizons. With our innovative and imaginative thinking, we embrace the ‘wild’ spirit and embrace the challenges of the future.

The all-new menu of tea drinks is officially launched.

A milestone in our 15-year journey: a complete overhaul of our regular menu!

\ Bestselling Recommended Items /

  • Black Tea with Longan Honey:Classic black tea with honey finish
  • Honey Black Tea with A Whole Lemon:Honey finish black tea with a whole lemon freshness
  • Black Tea with Mulberry, Mixed Berries Jam and Lemon:The encounter between mulberry and signature black tea
  • Pomelo Black Tea with Mixed Berries Jam and Lemon:The fresh taste of pomelo and berries
  • Peach Black Tea with Sweet Cream Cold Foam and Rose Jam:When the peach black tea plunges into a sweet and cozy rose-scented cloud
  • Milk Tea with Cookie Flavor and Roasted Sugar:The aroma of milk and tea reveals hints of cookies and roasted sugar

Check out the full overview of our new beverage menu now➔


#Some items on our regular menu will experience price adjustments starting from September 14th, 2023. We apologize for any inconvenience caused and appreciate your understanding.


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KEBUKE online order is launched on April 1,2022,  no need to line up for drink anymore