Kebuke X JkoPay online order

Kebuke X JkoPay online order


Use Jkopay to order online, the highest reward is NT$ 100.

 Period: 2022/12/21– 2023/01/18

Activity : Use JkoPay APP “Take out order” function and consume the designated product’s drink, every order can obtain one point, and reaching a certain number of points consumption can get the corresponding Jko coins.

・2 points get NT$20 (Limited to 6,000 people)

・4 points get NT$30 (Limited to 3,000 people)

・6 points get NT$50 (Limited to 1,500 people)


Who is the King of Ordering

The payment activity at JKoPay is added to “Who is the ordering king”
The user who has accumulated the most order during the event will receive the following awards

・First place: 1,000 of JkoPay coins

・Second place: 500 of JkoPay coins

・Third place: 300 of JkoPay coins


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