Kebuke X Peanuts Collection Product

Kebuke X Peanuts Collection Product


Whether you are sharing your life or dreams with your friends, tea will be your best company.  


Kebuke X Peanuts Collection Product ­–Limited on January 5, 2023

This time, we join hands with the brand, “TALES”, one local brand of Taiwan Place Museum, and launch 500 sets of “Flying Dragon and Blessed Phoenix Full Moon Teapot Sets”. Snoopy and Woodstock on the teapot are shuffling in the mountains with a dragon and phoenix, the teacup is by sed the four gentlemen in plants to correspto ond Snoopy’s four classic friends. Elegant Orchid – Sally Brown, Noble chrysanthemum – Linus, Pride Plum – Lucy, Humble Bamboo – Charlie Brown. Having tea is like the interaction between Snoopy and his friends, bringing more fun to drinking tea.

“Snoopy Bloom Cup Platte Set” is delivering the blessing meaning of a bright future as a blooming flower. In the design of teapot sets, we use two famous decorated patterns in Bronze Age, one is the Kui(夔) decor (the ancient beast with one leg) and another is the cloud-thunder decor.

Regarding Kui(夔) decor, this beast of legend could shine as sun and roar as thunder, therefore, it represents the blessed meaning of “Once the first spring thunder falls, the earth and creatures come alive”. Furthermore, the peony pattern shows eleganc, fullich is full of the Zen of wealth and fortune.


Kebuke X TALES Flying Dragon and Blessed Phoenix Full Moon Teapot Sets NT$ 6,800
Limited 500 sets in globally, co-branded with TALES and Peanuts

Kebuke X Snoopy Bloom Cup Platte Set NT$1,280
Bloom’s Future is the exception for a better life in the future.


Kebuke X Peanuts Limited Collection
From January 5, 2023, the collection products are available on all the branch stores in Taiwan and the official website.

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