Kebuke X Peanuts The Fantasy Journey of Dreaming

Kebuke X Peanuts The Fantasy Journey of Dreaming


Collaboration of Kebuke Signature Black Tea and Snoopy in Peanuts

“We always have a heart of child, let us imagine without limitation”


In the world of Snoopy’s imagination, he can travel around the world through his imagination and being any characters he wants, such as writer, lawyer, athlete, pilot, or astronaut. It just like the journey of Kebuke, we always keep the true original of being bold and imaginative.

From December 15th, we will start a journey of dream with Snoopy. This Snoopy imagination world is the integration of traditional skill of Faience and pop art. The delicate Faience create a rich and fantasy imagination world and use the pop art style to transform the Faience brushes into the comic style lines. Showing a great collision between new and old. Let’s embrace our original intention and begin a fantasy journey of dream.

-The collaboration products release on official website and all the branch stores in Taiwan.

12/15 Tea and Life products and limitation drinks release

12/22 Pets products release

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