Kebuke X Peanuts Tea Life Series Launch

Kebuke X Peanuts Tea Life Series Launch


Quench the Thirsty of Life by Dreams, Liberate the Tea by Art”

From Dec 15th, drinking teas will beyond the teas and become the taste of life. Kebuke will launch a series of collaboration products, the first wave will begin from #lifeofteas(茶飲生活), release three different products which showing a delicate Faience skill and pop art . This winter, we invite you to come to the Faience universe with Snoopy and Kebuke and start a fantasy dream journey!


Kebuke X Peanuts Hexagonal Liquid Absorbing Ceramic Coaster | NT$250
In Snoopy’s Faience universe, we start an adventure of dream, the extraordinary astronaut, the explorer over mountains, the musician who plays with the beautiful flows of melody, or the fearless pirates

Kebuke X Peanuts Cup Carrier| NT$380
In our cup carrier pattern, we have two patterns “Good day swimming ring” and “Fly high paper airplane”, by the embroidery design, displays the changes in the layer which can experience a close view and distant view at the same time.

Kebuke X Peanuts Stainless Steel Tumbler| NT$580
Enjoy the playful Faience universe as the four roles of skate broader, baseball player, painter, and pilot, the full matt surface makes the visual look of a tumbler richer, and drinking tea can be very styled.

Kebuke X Peanuts Collaboration Limited Products
From December 15th, the tea life series would release in all Kebuke branch stores in Taiwan and official website!

Branch stores

Kebuke Official Website


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