Go Wild! KEBUKE 15th Anniversary

Starting September 14th, the highly anticipated “Go Wild: Celebrating 15 Years” campaign is launching.

“Go Wild: Celebrating 15 Years” marks the 15th anniversary of the renowned tea brand, KEBUKE, unveiling a brand-new menu featuring 15 innovative drinks, 1 themed cup design, and 2 cup sleeves. Additionally, they are introducing new brand IP characters, 3 city commemorative cards, and a range of collectible memorabilia. The campaign officially kicks off nationwide in all stores on September 14, 2023. Reflecting on their 15-year journey, KEBUKE aims to stay true to their roots with the slogan “Go Wild,” symbolizing self-exploration and boundless possibilities. They aspire to embark on future challenges with an adventurous spirit, embracing the essence of “wildness.”


The new menu showcases 15 fresh drink selections, 1 cup design, and 2 cup sleeves, all infused with the classic KEBUKE red tea base.

Three distinct series of specialty drinks are introduced: the “Fruit Infusion,” “Sweet Cream Cold Foam,” and “Golden Honey” series. Among these, the standout is the brand’s signature red tea creation, “Honey Black Tea with A Whole Lemon,” blending whole fresh-cut lemons with rich honey notes, complementing the classic aged red tea with a harmonious sweet and tangy flavor. Other highlights include “Pomelo Black Tea with Mixed Berries Jam and Lemon,” featuring the refreshing sweetness of pomelo and berries, and the new addition to the Earl Grey series, “Milk Tea with Cookie Flavor and Roasted Sugar,” boasting a unique aroma of toasted black honey paired with the classic Earl Grey tea and fresh milk, offering a delightful balance of sweetness and fragrance. Not to be missed are the popular cloud-covered drinks, with the enticing “Peach Black Tea with Sweet Cream Cold Foam and Rose Jam,” blending delicate peach fragrance with rose cloud cover and organic rose jam, creating an unexpectedly elegant aroma. Alongside the new menu, limited edition anniversary cup designs and cup sleeves inspired by KEBUKE’s classics will be available during the campaign, with a complimentary limited edition cup available with the purchase of any drink during the promotional period.


In celebration of the 15th anniversary, KEBUKE introduces three limited-edition commemorative merchandise items and anniversary store cards, available for a limited time starting September 14, 2023, both in-store and online.

During the anniversary celebration period, three limited-edition “City Commemorative Store Cards” will be available for customers to collect with the purchase of any beverage in-store. Furthermore, customers spending over $150 in any KEBUKE store nationwide will receive a “Brand Anniversary Sticker Pack” (while supplies last, not applicable for delivery and partner platforms).

Additionally, in collaboration with Uber Eats, KEBUKE is offering exclusive promotions during their 15th-anniversary celebration from September 20 to September 30, 2023, including “Buy One, Get One Free” on selected cloud-covered drinks and a $20 discount for orders over a certain amount (daily offer quantities are limited, available while supplies last).