Movie co-promotion with The Queen’s Corgi

KEBUKE signature black tea joins hands with the animated movie The Queen’s Corgi to release co-branded stickers! And we’re also releasing two different limited-availability gifts, capturing everyone’s hearts with spirited cuteness!

Queen Elizabeth II’s love for her corgis is known by all; you can see her furry little friends in all sorts of official photos and videos. She treats her corgis like a part of her family, persistently caring for them in myriad ways. And that’s why KEBUKE wants to convey the message that “Love never abandons”, and call on everyone to treat their pets as members of their own families. When you’re part of a family, loving your pets means never abandoning them.

◼︎ Store promotion:

◼︎ Synopsis
With Queen Elizabeth II and Buckingham Palace in the background, the movie The Queen’s Corgi tells the story of Rex, one of the nationally-beloved corgis. Rex gets into trouble at a state dinner and is scolded; proud Rex decides to flee the palace and wander free. But he never would’ve guessed that doing this would ensnare him in a conspiracy for power. Without the Queen’s steadfast support, Rex and three of his short-legged friends need to put themselves to the test and overcome all resistance to become beloved members of the royal family.

◼︎ Design concept
We use the style of the classic hand-drawn 70s Sex Pistols punk album cover. With a cute-but-punk style, the design exudes a completely classic, but also rebelliously cute and youthful, air. With a background of Queen Elizabeth and Buckingham Palace, we use a cut-up newspaper/kidnapping note style, saturated colors, safety pins, the Union Jack, the Queen and other elements. The album cover and poster became models for later punks, and influenced fashion design and modern art.

The legendary Sex Pistols group flourished in the 1970s. In a very short time, they changed music around the world, and caused a surge in the punk movement. The group was originally founded by Steve Jones and Paul Cook, two youths who wanted to form a band and who met well-known music agent Malcolm McLaren in a clothes shop. They added a vocalist, and just like that, the band was formed. The bomb that punk lit under the 70s British depression exploded the youth culture movement and shocked UK society of the time. Not only did they express the feelings that British youth had, they became the most important classic in punk history.