“This Wave of Light is Amazing!” KEBUKE a x “Starlight BnB”

KEBUKE x “Starlight BnB” Summer Joint Limited Release Sweet and Sour Launch

Teaming up with “Starlight BnB,” KEBUKE extends its reach into the realm of the drama “Light the Night,” creating the Light series reality show. Featuring a star-studded cast including Ruby Lin, Ivy Yang, Ivy Chen, Puff Kuo, Eric Chou, Gabriel Lan, and Johnny Chen, they manage a pet-friendly guesthouse. This time, KEBUKE presents the special concoction “Starlight BnB Opening Program Limited Welcome Drink” — “Roselle Black Tea with Assam Lemon and Mixed Berries,” officially available in all KEBUKEn stores across Taiwan starting June 20, 2023, inviting you to taste the summer while basking in the azure coastline.


Collaboration New Product “Roselle Black Tea with Assam Lemon and Mixed Berries”

The encounter of rose petals and lemon, selecting Taiwan’s local perfumed lemons and KEBUKE’s classic black tea, combined with organic roses and natural hibiscus flower jam, elevates the taste buds to new heights, like orchestrating a summer symphony, enchanting with its sweet and sour melody. Furthermore, a Starlight BnB joint limited edition store card is launched this time, capturing the refreshing essence of Rose Lemon and the Light wave. Available synchronously in all KEBUKE stores across Taiwan starting June 20, 2023, customers can obtain it by purchasing the Light joint limited new product in-store, while supplies last. Don’t miss out if you’re a fan of collecting store cards.


Modern Vintage Welcome to “Light”

Drawing inspiration from the original drama “Light the Night,” set against the backdrop of the booming leisure and entertainment industry of the 1980s, the atmosphere of the dance hall bar is designed with a modern vintage color scheme complemented by Taiwanese floral tiles. Enjoy this wave of summer divine drinks, dance along, and get lost in the ambiguous music, deeply intoxicated by the flavor of Rose Lemon.