KEBUKE salutes baseball! Special promotion for WBSC Premier12 championships

KEBUKE signature black tea strongly supports baseball in Taiwan. To welcome the WBSC Premier12 championships, we’re bringing out exclusive promotional cups, and inviting everyone to join hands and build up funds to help make dreams come true. Also, the day following each Chinese Taipei victory, we’ll hold a buy one, get one free activity!

– KEBUKE cheers on the team! One bat to take on the world, and the strength to take on the Olympics

“Wu Song Beating the Tiger” is a famous story from the Chinese classic, the Water Margin. The story tells how, when gallant fighter Wu Song was returning home in search of his brother, he arrived near Jingyang Ridge and paused to drink 18 bowls of wine in a tavern. He became drunk, but wanted to press his way home nonetheless. The tavern owner warned him of tigers on the ridge, and urged Wu Song not to go. Wu Song refused to believe it, so he went anyway – but sure enough, he encountered a great tiger on the ridge. Wu Song summoned up all the strength he had and beat the tiger to death with fists and club. He thus eliminated a great threat to the local townsfolk, and the story was passed down for generations as a tale of good deeds done.

In November, the heroes of the Chinese Taipei team are set to battle fierce enemies from all countries in the Premier12 championships. Just like Wu Song, they will need to demonstrate outstanding bravery and tenacity to pass the test and take the trophy – the right to compete in next year’s Tōkyō Olympics. KEBUKE’s exclusive cups to cheer on the team are available at stores around Taiwan. Let’s raise a cup for the Chinese Taipei team, and cheer them on to the Tōkyō Olympics!

– KEBUKE cheers on the team! You click “like”, we donate money, and build up funds to make dreams come true

In addition, KEBUKE is also inviting the public to join us in doing good! For every “like” on the KEBUKE signature black tea official Facebook page, we will donate NT$5 to Base Garden, to use in building up funds to make the dreams of the next generation’s national baseball stars come true. For everyone who has already clicked “like”, KEBUKE has already donated NT$5 for you. All the kind-hearted people who’ve joined in also have a chance to win wonderful prizes!

– KEBUKE cheers on the team! Celebrating Chinese Taipei victory with buy one, get one free event

KEBUKE is pulling out all the stops to support baseball! Any time the Chinese Taipei team wins a match during the preliminaries, we’ll have a buy one large cup of signature black tea, get one free activity the next day! Our first big promotion like this and you better believe we’re dedicating it to baseball! Come on and show how much you “like” baseball!

Promotion conditions:

– Take KEBUKE out to the ballgame! Joining hands with Base Garden to make baseball dreams come true

Nov. 20, KEBUKE is holding a sponsorship press conference designed to share the love of Taiwan’s baseball culture. We’re putting words into action by supporting professional baseball player Chou Si-Chi’s Base Garden foundation. We’re providing funding of NT$300,000 and donating 200 books to support Base Garden’s reading program. KEBUKE encourages kids who play baseball to build up not only their baseball skills, but also to build themselves and broaden their perspectives through reading, so they can become athletes who are fit mentally and physically.