KEBUKE Go to Spring Wave! KEBUKE X Spring Wave Music festival collaboration

This spring, KEBUKE Signature Black Tea collaborates with Spring Wave Festival, and we invite you to return to the earth with a tea aroma and swing with the music in the Spring Wave Mountain hole. In this event, youth memories and the beauty of spring were both put on our five promotion-limited cups. The rhyme of tea and notes of four classical songs stream into the vast mountain and accompany people to get away from the burden and struggles then return to nature.

—— Welcome to Spring Wave! You can’t miss the collection of promotion-limited cups.

In this event, youth is the theme of the design of promotion-limited cups so that the vision of cups is in colors and a carefree atmosphere. Ever the first time to combine the story of four famous songs into the design of cups and join hand with the music festival, the four songs are” Miss You Day and Night, Love, Miss You 3000 and ”Young Edge.” When holding the cups in your hands, it looks like we are taking the tickets to be back in the teen ages again and enjoy the music show under the starry night. When the retro tape starts playing the music, the melody of five stories carries your memories over the times and spaces and finally lies down the deep inside of your heart with the lingering aroma of tea.

—— Classical bang songs accompany you whenever you go

The well-selected four songs are “Miss you 3000” from The Last Day of Summer, “Miss You Day and Night” from AccusiveFive, “Love” from Trash, and “Teen Edge” from Your Woman Sleep with Others. We extend the storyline of the music story and use the vision of music video scenes, camping images, mountain landscape, and starry night into the design. The festival party comes out with a lively and funny atmosphere under our visual design.

—— Want you to join in music with me, draw free Spring Wave tickets

Besides collecting five promotion-limited cups, you can also earn the chance to draw the free ticket set to join in the Spring Wave party. Call out your friends to attend two-day camping activities and have fun at the music festival. Imagine we are in the other time and space and drink the rich tea just like the time pause at this moment.

—— Return and record our youth: Multiple Music X Co-existence with environment X Outdoor camping

The event theme is “Enter the mountain hole, Swing in the mountain hole.”, bringing back your five-sense to the mountain scenery in the city. It will take place from Mar. 3 to Mar. 6 in 2022 that the biggest two-day Spring Wave Festival rise a big party of camping, music, and market. We invite you over to the baptism of music and tea. Furthermore, at the site, there will be a display KEBUKE huge cup for activity checked-in for you to take the snap and keep your memories in your youngest time.