Golden Ginger Au Lait and Jade Ginger Au Lait New drinks now available

Limited-availability hot drinks for Winter 2019 – Golden Ginger Au Lait and Jade Ginger Au Lait – debut Dec. 16, and are presented in exclusive hot beverage cup designs. In partnership with Director Hou Hsiao-hsien’s classic film Flowers of Shanghai, Golden Ginger Au Lait tells the tender, subtle story of ginger juice with signature black tea and milk, while Jade Ginger Au Lait takes us on a warm, fragrant journey of ginger, winter melon tea, and milk.

To mark the 20th anniversary of Flowers of Shanghai coming to movie screens, the film will return to the silver screen and enthrall audiences in a 4K restored version beginning Dec. 20. Originally released in 1998, Flowers of Shanghai was an official entrant to the Cannes film festival, and won the Grand Jury Award and Best Art Direction award in the Golden Horse awards, Best Director at the Taipei Film Festival, and more. It was also voted as one of the Hundred Greatest Chinese Films in Movie History by filmmakers in the PRC, ROC and Hong Kong.

◼︎ Golden Ginger Au Lait and Jade Ginger Au Lait – Medium NT$65
Golden Ginger Au Lait uses our Signature Black Tea with Milk as its base, while Jade Ginger Au Lait Fresh starts with Winter Melon Drink with Milk. To these we add the taste of fresh ginger juice. Ginger juice helps warm the tummy and keep the cold away, while boosting the immune system and strengthening the metabolism. Blended with smooth, warm milk, the drinks carry lovely notes of black tea or winter melon tea. Together, the three combine to make a whole new fresh range of tastes. The best choice for chilly winter months!

◼︎ Synopsis
Flowers of Shanghai describes the enchanting, luxuriant loves of men and women in Shanghai at the end of the 19th century. The film stars Tony Leung Chiu-wai, Michelle Reis, Carina Lau Kar-ling, and Hada Michiko. Scene by scene, with a languid pace, and a minimalistic style of fade-ins and fade-outs, the film nimbly draws out the tumultuous struggles that lurk beneath the calm surface of women’s and men’s relationships. The finely-hewn visual aesthetics on display, in terms of cinematography, design, and lighting, carry the drama to gorgeously unprecedented heights.

Beginning now, leave a comment on the dedicated KEBUKE signature black tea Facebook page and receive an opportunity to win tickets vouchers for two to see Flowers of Shanghai. KEBUKE invites you to bring your Golden Ginger Au Lait and Jade Ginger Au Lait to the theater, and take in the thriving luxury of Shanghai’s Concessions through the lens of Hou Hsiao-hsien.