KEBUKE brings good luck with Foodpanda, Nuwara Eliya Tea with Pineapple launched

Spring is coming, and it’s time to introduce our new project, Nuwara Eliya Black Tea with Pineapple join hands with the cutest friend, Pau-Pau from the famous delivery platform.


Tasty of light flavor in the season of Spring and Summer

Light Nuwara Eliya Black Tea is dressed in the sour and sweet flavor of pineapple, the refreshed flower accent is hidden in the rich tropical pineapple jam. Kumquat is the ingenuity décor of the drink to balance the flavor of sour and sweet, we wish to give you a different experience with the fresh aroma this spring.


KEBUKE X Foodpanda limited promotion activity: 8, April 2022 – 8, May 2022.

Use the special sale code”春鳳來襲” to get the Nuwara Eliya Black Tea with Pineapples’ buy one get one sale

  • Parts of stores are not available, and it has a limited number of drinks per day
  • Each order is limited to two sets, each Foodpanda account is limited to buying three times in the sales period
  • It’s limited to Foodpanda delivery service only, and it’s not available for other ways of consumption except Foodpanda food service


Pineapple Brings the Good Fortune

In this visual design, Pau-Pau is dancing with the pineapple and Nuwara Eliya black tea which is full of happiness and a cool tasty atmosphere. Pineapple also means good fortune, therefore we put the pineapple into the design to express wealth and wish to send good luck and happiness to everyone. Or you can join  KEBUKE Official LINE to try our interactive games.