Three Kingdoms Playing Cards now available Special promotion for spring 2019

“The blue heavens are like the round table; the green earth is like the game. With a ‘K’ in hand, the name is always the same.” KEBUKE signature black tea has released a limited-time heroic product for Spring Festival: Three Kingdoms Playing Cards. We’re also releasing limited-edition “Are we in international waters yet?” themed store cards; come to any store to get some for yourself. We bring all the heroes together in one illustrious hall, to create a New Year’s atmosphere of the best and brightest, all gathered together around one card table. Everyone can enjoy tea together while enjoying the grand leisure of a good game of cards.

◼︎ Design concept
The store cards start with the theme of “Are we in international waters yet?”. The Chinese for “Reveal a 3; make ‘em the dealer” is written vertically. This calls back to the fact that the playing cards are soon to arrive, highlighting all the bravery and trickery, strategy and savagery that goes on every hand. “Are we in international waters yet?” is a catchphrase popular on the well-known internet forum PTT, where it’s used to warn people breaking the rules that they’re about to get punished. The quote originates from the famous movie God of Gamblers II, in which the bad mistakenly believes that so long as a ship is in international waters, Hong Kong law has no jurisdiction and so he can kill people without being guilty of murder. It’s only later, once the ship has returned to port, that he discovers he is dragged away by the police. The original line from the movie, “Are these international waters that we’re in?” became the PPT catchphrase “Are we in international waters yet?” When someone posts something against the rules, PTT posters will pop up to write this phrase.

The cards are divided into four suits: Spades, hearts, clubs, and diamonds. These are connected to the four seasons, with 13 cards per season for the 13 weeks per season. Adding all the pips for each suit together gives the number 91, and each season is also 91 days. Spades represent the olive branch, a symbol of peace; clubs are three-leafed clover, hinting at good luck; diamonds resemble the gemstones of the same name, symbolizing wealth; and hearts symbolize intelligence and love. Themed on characters from the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, the designs also include an Art Deco style. Each foil-stamped box has a subtle texture.