KEBUKE X Gogoro Collaboration

KEBUKE X Gogoro Collaboration

Join the draw game for winning a Gogoro
It’s the first time that KEBUKE join hands with Gogoro, and we launch a Gogoro VIVA MIX scooter release four types of cup sealing, eco tumbler, and interact game in this event. We are preparing a giveaway of Gogoro scooter to fans, let’s drink it, feel it and mix it!



Cup Sealing Design
To echo the theme of the Gogoro and scooter license, we refer to a voting result voted by scooter driver examinees of which part is the most difficult to test and put into the cup sealing designs.  Furthermore, we create a character, ROOKIE, who is a freshman in campus, and his daily life scene would be design into the cup sealing. What’s more, there is a QR code on the cup sealing to access the draw game. We invite you not only to drink the teas but also to have fun with games and events in this collaboration.


Yes, KEBUKE will back you up!
Gogoro VIVA MIX is recommended for the driver license because it’s light and easy driving, therefore, we choose this model to create two special crossover design, one is “KEBUKE Blue” and another is “Signature Black Tea Red”, In the design, it is taken the pattern and product logo of two brands as the inspiration collides with the brand-new visual design with vintage colors. With same visual design, we also launch the KEBUKE X Gogoro Eco Tumbler which is limited to sell at all KEBUKE branch store.

The Gogoro VIVA MIX scooter is only for giveaway, you can win the “KEBUKE Blue” by joining the draw game which can get one drawing chance by per NT$ 88 consumptions, the another way is to complete a mission game, the fastest winner will get the “Signature Black Tea Red”.