KEBUKE Amor Tea Tin Gift Set Special promotion for Spring Festival 2020

’19 is gone and ’20 is here. While we’re in this lovely mood, KEBUKE signature black tea is releasing our KEBUKE Amor Tea Tin Gift Set. Peach Black Tea and Four Fruit Black Tea co-star in this elegant production.

The word “Amor” is from Latin; it carries with it the meaning of “love”. KEBUKE signature black tea helps you take the words you want to express from the heart and manifest them in a romantic KEBUKE Amor Tea Tin Gift Set. We help you say what you feel and convey it to the one you love through the fragrance of tea.

◼︎ KEBUKE Amor Tea Tin Gift Set NT$688/box

The main notes of Peach Black Tea are the smooth fragrance of peaches. To this we add the elegance of roses and lightly sweet jasmine, with the clean smoothness of black tea, to bring the gorgeous atmosphere of the 60s West and East together in one lovely whole. Put together, it has an atmosphere of exquisite elegance, and symbols of nostalgic emotion.

‘Iced’ sounds like ‘S’, reminding one of the ‘S’ shape that ladies of Shanghai in the 30s to 50s would style their hair into with hair clips. Four Fruit Black Tea combines the unique tastes of cherry, nutmeg, raspberry, and blackcurrant. Bursting with sweetness that is light and never excessive, accompanied by a lovely fruity scent, it exudes the smart style of old Shanghai and that classic girly flash.

Peach Black Tea and Four Fruit Black Tea make a grand new entrance, returning us to savor the gently alluring feeling of being in love. Delicately savor the scent and flavor of flowers and fruit from carefully selected Sri Lankan tea leaves.

“Remember that love is limited. Wonder not ‘if only’ – it’s all worthwhile.”

◼︎ Unique Endorphin Kafe blend Rouge and Berry Berry limited-time only offer

KEBUKE signature black tea has specially joined with famous café Endorphin Kafe to create a uniquely blend drink – Berry Berry, based on our Four Fruit Black Tea, and Rouge, based on our Peach Black Tea.

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