Joyful Tiger Year with Black Tea KEBUKE x Taichung Guang Tian Temple Collaboration Event

“Stay True Heart, Mature Fortune.”To bestow the fortune and blessing to you. In this Renyin Tiger spring festival, KEBUKE collaborate with“Taichung Guang Tian Temple”to launch series of fortune merchandise -“Good Luck Charm of Tiger Year”and two kinds of store card called“Token Card of Wealth Come in and Mean People Get Out”. Both charms and store cards are blessed by Guang Tian Temple. Instead of crowding in temples in the pandemic period, come to KEBUKE store for great teas and collect harvest and blessing of safety for tiger year.

“Good Luck Charm of Tiger Year”Bless You a Harvest Renyin Tiger Year

Base on Chinese new year’s tradition, people use to pray for fortune from temple’s blessed money, therefore, we take image of blessed money and add it in the design of trendy five emperor coins which blended the classical “可” of KEBUKE plus the elements of wealthy god. The vintage grey-black tone color of coins echoes Black Tiger’s image, and the cover of coins shows several tools of God of Fortune to present the wealthy meaning.

Black Tiger General leads the“brightness”, and “Ruyi” image presenting “Bring in the Wealth and Treasure”, after, it comes up with“coral” which relate to“Keep Wealthy and Carefree”, the final is“fortune flag” and“abacus” which indicate to“Thrive Business”. About the package design, we turn the KEBUKE tea pot into fortune temple via the illustration of fortune tree and there is Black Tiger General inside it. All the elements echo the meanings of wealth and treasure. We sincerely invite you drink beverage of KEBUKE and earn the lucky.

Traditional Fortune Black Tiger X Modern Five Emperor Coins Classical Design

We launch two versions of Good Luck Charm of Tiger Year on KEBUKE official line store and physical store, one is “Renying Cryptic Black” and another is “Mature Gold”. The structure of charm is blended Black Tiger’s statue and it looks stereoscopic by clearly showing the details from tiger’s head to tail. Instead of normal traditional blessed money coin, we use the vintage-textured color and make it hipper to close young people. Furthermore, Black Tiger can exorcism bad things and attract good fortune.

“Token Card of Wealth Come in and Mean People Get Out” to keep fortune in whole year

Taichung Guang Tian Temple handwriting blessed token is printed on two versions of store card which are “Wealth Come in” and “Mean People Get Out”. The main visual of store card design is God of Fortune, Zhao Gong Ming, and Black Tiger General stand in front of Guan Tian Temple and KEBUKE signboard. The pillar of temple is embedded the Token of Black Tiger General which saying“Keep Away from Mean People and Quench Thirst to Get Wealthy”. We hope God of Fortune and Black Tiger General’s exorcism could company with you all the time and meet kind people. Come to KEBUKE for drinking in lucky and open a wonderful tiger year.

Lantern Illumination for Good Fortune x Online Fortune Money Lottery

Not only launching the fortune products, but we also invite you to KEBUKE official LINE to play interact game and draw the transportation free delivery of KEBUEKE online store.

Bring in Wealth! Taichung Guang Tian Temple

When it comes to New Year’s temple visiting and religious festival of fortune temple, the famous fortune temple of Guang Tian temple must come out in your mind. The God of Fortune housed in Guang Tian Temple can be tracked back to 1,400 years ago, the statue of the deity is built by direct command of ancient emperor, and it’s only the fortune deity statue engraved by emperor’s order in history. After traveling times and spaces for a thousand year, finally we have the world’s most aged ancestor of God of Fortune in Taiwan. He’s left hand holds“Gold Whip”to bestow the wealthy and right hand holds“True Heart” to remind people keep original mind forever.