Summer New Adventure, Dreamy Double Enjoyment Drinks, Cool Launch

Embark on a New Adventure and Experience Unprecedented Summer Delights

Continuing the adventure of “Green Adventure,” extending to the excitement of the summer vacation, KEBUKE presents a brand-new experience with unprecedented refreshing double enjoyment drinks. Introducing the second installment of “Proton” with “Black Tea with Proton Pineapple and Rose” and the collaboration with OATLY oat milk, “Milk Tea With Oat Milk Ice-cream.” These offerings will be officially available in all Can Can stores across Taiwan on August 5, 2023.

New Proton Creations to Delight Your Taste Buds

Starting with a light and refreshing taste that gradually intensifies, our innovative technique locks in the freshness and original flavor of the fruits at low temperatures, providing a new layered experience. The new addition to the Fruit Proton series, “Black Tea with Proton Pineapple and Rose,” once again utilizes our unique ice blending technique, incorporating fresh mangoes and freshly cut lemons to infuse a burst of freshness into the scorching summer days. We highly recommend shaking the drink vigorously for 20 seconds before consumption and stirring the pineapple pudding with a straw to enhance the flavor. Indulge in every rich and flavorful moment of Black Tea with Proton Pineapple and Rose as its icy chill envelops your palate!

Market’s First Oat Milk Ice Cream Milk Tea

Introducing the refreshing new drink, “Milk Tea With Oat Milk Ice-cream,” inspired by chilled black tea. In collaboration with the oat milk brand OATLY, we have created a rich and creamy oat milk ice cream, paired with the mature tea aroma and fresh milk undertones of Signature Black Tea, delivering a delightful new flavor combination that will surely become an unforgettable memory of this summer.