Clouds & Fire × Thé Beauté co-promotion

KEBUKE signature black tea and Thé Beauté joins hands to create a new product, our completely new Clouds & Fire milk tea available in a flash-promotion bottle.

The primary visuals are drawn from the classic story Journey to the West, when Sun Wukong is on his way west to get Buddhist sutras, and he encounters and fights with the Ox Demon King. The drink is brewed from Nilgiri tea farm leaves and flavored with creamy, sweet milk, to create a mouth-feel and sights you’ve never experienced before. Each bottle is NT$80.

◼︎ Design concept
Drawn from the story of Sun Wukong and the Mountains of Fire in the classic Journey to the West, the visuals depict how, while en route to the Great Temple of the Thunderclap in the Spirit Mountains, Sun Wukong and Xuanzang encountered the Mountains of Fire. In order to extinguish the flames in the Mountains of Fire, Sun Wukong sought help from Princess Iron Fan and battled the Ox Demon King. This inspires our drink concept of “Extinguishing the flames and taking a cool break”.

◼︎ The brand
Thé Beauté carries on the inner strengths of Eastern tea, blended with Western tea farm varieties and systems. With a foundation of tasting healthy tea, they try to manifest the bountiful wonder of the world’s four seasons and human cultures, from the tea shrub to the final cup. They present the true, natural purity of the original tea leaves, and make it possible to taste the different flavors of tea from the world’s best farms through “pure enjoyment” aesthetics.