KEBUKE & Do You Love Me As I Love You Uber Eats promotion

With spring 2020 upon us, KEBUKE signature black tea joins hands with Uber Eats and the movie Do You Love Me As I Love You to create a triple co-branding promotion. Beginning Western Valentine’s Day, stores around Taiwan will be offering promotion-limited Declaration Cups for all large drinks. We also have 15 limited-availability hand-drawn store cards for you to collect. And what’s more, we also have Uber Eats order promotions. Specific details will continue to be published on the KEBUKE signature black tea official Facebook and Instagram pages!

– KEBUKE signature black tea Declaration Cups help you say what’s in your heart

The movie Do You Love Me As I Love You is based on the self-help author Fourone’s book of the same name. The movie will hit screens before March 12, White Day. Starting February 14, KEBUKE signature black tea is collaborating with the movie by offering Declaration Cups at stores around Taiwan, to help fans declare their love the entire month from Western Valentine’s Day to White Day.

Our Declaration Cup designs extend the classic KEBUKE style to include only our company “KEBUKE” and “Tea Company” logo. 2008, our year of founding, is changed to 2020, a pun for “love you, love you!” in Chinese. We also add the names of the author Fourone and the movie Do You Love Me As I Love You. The overall visual effect is clever and low-key, giving the effect of hitting just the right notes.

– 15 limited-availability KEBUKE signature black tea hand-illustrated store cards to collect

KEBUKE signature black tea store cards have long been a fan favorite for collecting. For this co-branded promotion, we’ve selected 15 hand-drawn illustrations from the essay collection Do You Love Me As I Love You as limited-availability illustrated store cards, one per illustration. The cards are available beginning February 14 at stores around Taiwan. Each store only has one design; visit a store to obtain your card. Quantities are limited; first come, first served.

– Old and new Uber Eats customers, order KEBUKE signature black tea and get rewards!

“Tonight, I feel like a little… KEBUKE Bubble Milk Tea without ice.” To add to the well-known dual spokesperson ads that Uber Eats put out earlier this year, we now present a limited-time offer for purchases of KEBUKE signature black tea. Existing customers, enter code “KEBUKE 60” from Feb. 14 (Fri.) to Feb. 23 (Sun.) and make a purchase of NT$299 to enjoy an NT$60 discount. New customers, enter code “KEBUKE 200” from Feb. 14 (Fri.) to Jun. 30 (Tues.), seven days after entering the code, and make a KEBUKE purchase to immediately receive two NT$100 discounts.