Four Fruit Black Tea – New Product Promotion

KEBUKE signature black tea released our new masterpiece, Four Fruit Black Tea. Four Fruit Black Tea is a fruit-flavored tea drink, based on a foundation made from carefully selected Sri Lankan leaves. It goes down smooth and carries a delectably enticing aftertaste.

‘Iced’ sounds like ‘S’, reminding one of the ‘S’ shape that ladies of Shanghai in the 30s to 50s would style their hair into with hair clips. The ‘S’-hairstyle was quite the popular fad among stylish girls of the time. Women ranging from the matrons of high-end mansions, the wives of professionals in foreign firms, women living in shikumen (Shanghai-style luxury houses), all the way to strict nannies – all of them had a perfectly-coiffed ‘S’-shaped hairstyle.

◼︎ Four Fruit Black Tea – Medium NT$35, Large NT$40
The light, smooth taste combines girls’ favorite tastes of cherry, nutmeg, raspberry, and blackcurrant, creating a unique fruit flavor. Bursting with the sweetness of late spring, it’s light and never excessive, with a lovely fruity scent. Enjoy a cup of Four Fruit Black Tea. Get a taste of the smart style of old Shanghai; experience some classic girly flash.