KEBUKE brings good luck for 2021 Special promotion for New Year

2021’s festival of welcoming spring brings with it new Black Tea with Aomori Apple and Blossom Agar Pearl to set the heart aflutter. Get the new year off to the right start with lightly sweet, floral fragrances. In combination with our co-promotion with MJ Star 31, we’re rolling out a Spring Festival Lucky Scratch-Off. Make a minimum purchase of NT$100 to win a chance at the grand prizes – a car and 1 million iCoins. For Lunar New Year’s Eve, we’re also releasing our seasonal K’lub Mahjong Set, so you can play anywhere to your heart’s content. Try something new for the New Year!

– Black Tea with Aomori Apple and Blossom Agar Pearl refreshingly arrives Welcome spring as the flowers warm; cut yourself a “peace” of apple, and enjoy calm, all year round.

We carefully select apples from Aomori, Japan’s #1 home for apples. Through pure fresh pressing, we preserve the pure, light sweetness of Aomori apples; then we pair it with cherry blossom agar pearls, colored like rose quartz, and the lightly floral scent of Nuwara Eliya Black Tea.

It’s like slowly taking in a lightly sweet spring day, with a world full of delicate blossoms drifting lazily past; the delight of the world awakening after a long winter slumber wipes away the haze of what has gone before, to start a new chapter in the story of life. Welcome the new year with a heart buoyed by spring! Try our delightfully floral Black Tea with Aomori Apple and Blossom Agar Pearl to embrace blessings and good wishes for the New Year, and welcome the Year of the Ox.

– Spring Festival Lucky Scratch-Off grand prizes – a car and 1 million iCoins – are waiting for you!

KEBUKE Signature Black Tea × MJ Star 31 – Bringing you big prizes and great luck for the New Year! Our New Year Scratch Card uses altered world-famous paintings by van Gogh, Manet, Pissarro, and Seurat to bring you lots of good wishes and seasonal imagery for the new year. During the promotion period, make in-store purchase/delivery of drinks or other products and meet promotion conditions to receive your card (selection is random).

– KEBUKE branded K’lub Mahjong Set The most stylish way to play during Spring Festival

We have concentrated Mahjong culture within a branded box of miniature proportions, so you can take it with you and play wherever you want – the dining table, the placemat, the street, or even outdoors. Space poses no limitations as you fulfill your New Year’s wishes in exclusively classic color.

Unlike traditional Mahjong suits, we have blended our unique KEBUKE elements into the design. With nimble lines and spirited colors, we create an exclusively KEBUKE street style. Open a set for yourself – who says Mahjong can only be played at home? Play it outdoors, display it, or carry it – the set is stylish either way.