Good Vibe, Go Wild!

“Good Vibe n Go Wild”
To commemorate the 15th anniversary, KEBUKE unveils the Disney Mickey Life Family series, officially launching on December 6, 2023, in all stores across Taiwan and on the official online store. This initiative injects vibrant colors into the theme by combining vintage Mickey designs with elements of “Oriental landscapes” and “Y2K” styles. As the Mickey series explores new heights this winter, it ventures into adventures alongside Disney100, not only cherishing its origins but also surpassing expectations.

Collaborative Drink Series—4 drinks, 8 cup designs, 2 cup decals available for a limited time

KEBUKE presents four limited-time drinks in the Disney Mickey and Friends series – “Strawberry black tea,” “Strawberry tea with a whole lemon and agar jelly,” “Black tea with proton strawberry and a slice of lemon,” and “Cocoa milk tea with proton strawberry,” featuring a brand-new “strawberry flavor” black tea and Black tea with proton strawberry as primary components. Additionally, two medium-sized cups, six large-sized event cups, and two event cup decals have been designed, reflecting the landscapes. As the beverage changes, the sky and river scenes on the cup decals change accordingly. There might be various levels of challenges during this journey, but it’s about courageously moving forward. Limited edition cups are available upon purchasing drinks during the event period at the stores.

8 Products, 12 Limited Edition Activity Cards

KEBUKE introduces Disney-themed merchandise, blending vintage Mickey and Friends with the timeless Y2K style, aiming to connect past beauty with everyday life and convey the brand values. Three major series of peripheral products, “Tea Life Series,” and “Outdoor Life Series,” are set to launch at the end of 2023.
Starting with the “Tea Life Series,” featuring “KEBUKE X (hoo)da Tumbler,” “Beverage Bag,” and “Waterproof Coaster,” released on December 6, 2023. This series embodies the concept of Good Vibe, partnering with the elegant French eco-cup brand “(hoo)da” ( Using time as a vessel, it captures daily life moments, incorporating rich and vibrant colors, casual full-page layouts, and shapes derived from Oriental landscapes, embracing the Y2K style with the Go Wild theme, breaking traditional frameworks.

Embarking on adventures with the Mickey series, the second wave introduces new items in the “Tea Life Series,” including the “Tritan straw bottle” and the “Outdoor Life Series” – “Folding Wagan,” “Folding Camping Chair,” “Picnic Mat,” and “Folding storage box,” officially launching on December 21, 2023. These products blend vintage Mickey designs with Chinese painting styles, adhering to KEBUKE’s 15th-anniversary theme ‘Go Wild!’ in color schemes using the brand’s colors. They extensively employ Y2K sticker layout elements, featuring a continuous text-and-image narrative of Disney characters and English slogans throughout the outdoor life series, presenting a playful yet natural style.

Series Exploration Activities

For every purchase of one cup of the Disney series’ new strawberry drink, customers can buy two peripheral series items. Additionally, KEBUKE’s classic menu cards are available in 12 limited editions, combining KEBUKE’s design with Mickey and Friends, available from December 6, 2023, in all stores across Taiwan, with each store offering only one type. Simply purchase a drink at the store to receive them, available while supplies last. During the event, joining KEBUKE’s Friends Club, customers spending over $150 can receive a limited edition Disney series sticker pack. Accumulating 8 points also enables members to redeem one online scratch card, offering chances to win exclusive camping sets and other limited gifts.

Follow Mickey and Friends outdoors and experience the unique flavor of KEBUKE Tea, hoping to bring forth a taste sensation that surpasses the past in the realm of handcrafted beverages!