KEBUKE x 7-ELEVEN | Exploring the City Together

Joining hands with the mega-brand 7-ELEVEN, we proudly introduce the groundbreaking 24hours collaboration drink, “Peach Flavor Bubble Milk Tea” Combining the signatures of both brands, this drink features the beloved “Peach Black Tea” from KEBUKE, infused with peach, apple, and rose-flavored red tea, topped with fresh milk and the incredibly popular Q-Q 7-ELEVEN City Pearl. Two special edition cups, “City Cup” and “Cherry Blossom Cup,” are designed to capture the allure of the city and evoke the essence of spring.

|  Collaboration Mix |  “Peach Flavor Bubble Milk Tea”
Blending the iconic “Peach Black Tea” from KEBUKE with fresh milk and the bestselling Q-Q City Pearl. This exceptional cross-brand fusion offers an exquisite taste experience, available for a limited time only. Don’t miss out; rush to your nearest 7-ELEVEN to be among the first to savor it!

|  Exclusive Cups |  “City Cup” and “Cherry Blossom Cup”
The Featuring unique designs that reflect different atmospheres, allowing you to indulge in delicious drinks while soaking in the romantic ambiance of the city and cherry blossoms. This spring, join Cheng Brother at Coco and embark on a journey to explore the beauty of the season, traversing through the city and cherry blossoms. Feel the pulse of the city through the flavors in your mouth and embrace the spring atmosphere with warmth in your heart.

Available at all 7-ELEVEN stores in Taiwan.