Lucky to meet you, Almond Tofu!

Lucky to meet you, Almond Tofu!


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Meet almond tofu at the beginning of the year! The almond tofu is made according to the way of an experienced master, during multiple processes, the almond tofu comes out with a pleasant chewy.

Almond tofu can be added to all items for NT$15 from Jan 05.


Kebuke Collected the Top 3

Signature black teaAlmond Tofu
The lightly elegant, sweet flavor of almond j tofu with classic signature black tea.

Green Tea with White Gourd + Almond Tofu
Chewy almond tofu meets the lingering sweetness of green tea and white gourd.

Signature Black with Milk + Almond Tofu
Woody and fruit black tea and rich milk tea with almond j tofu.


Add Almond Tofu for NT$ 15

* Almond tofu is made from almond milk and can be eaten by ovo-lacto vegetarian, this product contains nut ingredients, unsuitable for susceptible individuals.



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