Go Tea Jar! Find the special Tea Jar Mission for Gogoro

Go Tea Jar! Find the special Tea Jar Mission for Gogoro


Go to find the 12 special tea jars in KEBUKE branch store,  the winner who collect them fast will get the Special Gogoro VIVA MIX.


■ Campaign period: Start from September 24.2022

■ Campaign:

Step 1:
Snap with the drink with the KEBUKE X Gogoro promotion design cup sealed and special tea jars, and there shall be 12 pictures of all the special tea jar.

Step 2:
Share 12 different picture on Instagram or Facebook story and tag @Kebukeofficial and #可不可有Go罩, the print screen the story image and save it.

Step 3:
Apply in KEBUKE official Google sheet and send the 12 special jar photos, the fastest applicant who confirmed by official will get the prize.
The fastest one who collect all 12 special jar and send the photos to event official Google sheet will be the winner and win the Gogoro VIVA MIX!


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