Kebuke 15th Anniversary Go W!ld Limited Edition Merchandise Now Available

Kebuke 15th Anniversary Go W!ld Limited Edition Merchandise Now Available


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For Kebuke’s 15th anniversary, we embrace a visual theme of ripple camouflage, transforming the significance of camouflage into tea drinks. Our Kebuke logo and exclusive brand magnolia flower emblem are reimagined as hand-drawn lines, gradually blending into the vast ocean of tea drink lifestyle. 2023: Wait & See, Returning to Our Roots, Boldly Dreaming!


Kebuke 15th Anniversary Limited Edition Merchandise Now Available

【15th Anniversary Stainless Steel Straw Cup】Magnolia Classic Blue / Classic White / Magnolia Lattea, NT$580

  • Cup capacity: 710ml, inner liner made of 304 stainless steel for longer ice and heat preservation.
  • Bottom equipped with silicone non-slip pad to protect the cup bottom and prevent friction scratches.
  • Straw made of 12mm transparent Tritan material, allowing easy consumption of bubble tea and Agar Jelly toppings.

【15th Anniversary Cup Lid and Straw Cap Set】NT$119

  • Made of food-grade silicone, suitable for use with Kebuke’s 15th Anniversary Stainless Steel Straw Cup.
  • Straw cap prevents dust from entering and blocks splashes; cup lid prevents beverage leakage.

【15th Anniversary Magnolia Insulated Bag】NT$380

  • Extends the ice-preserving time of beverages; bottom can accommodate 2-4 cups of Kebuke Aged Red Tea.

Other Notes:

  1. Products are not available for phone reservations or on-site pre-orders.
  2. Sales begin on 9/14, following the operating hours of each store on that day.


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Coconut! I love summer, all items can be added with coconut jelly as the topping.

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