K'Lub! Officially Launching on October 25th!

K'Lub! Officially Launching on October 25th!


Welcome to K’Lub!
The Kebuke Tea Membership System” will officially launch on October 25th, offering various discounts and rewards for members and their friends!

◼︎Membership Level Expiry Explanation:
Except for the Three-Quarter Rare Member level, membership upgrades/downgrades (Half-Rare, Three-Quarter Rare, Super Rare) will take effect for 365 days from the date of qualification. If the specified consumption threshold ($9000, $18500, $38000) is reached within 365 days, the membership level will be extended for the next year. If the corresponding threshold is not reached within 365 days, the membership will revert to the specified consumption threshold.

◼︎Membership Gift: Each member account that maintains/upgrades/downgrades to the following membership levels “Half-Rare, Three-Quarter Rare, Super Rare” in the new year will receive the corresponding membership gift. However, if your membership level for the new year remains/downgrades to “Three-Quarter Rare,” no membership gift will be given.

◼︎Upgrade Gift: Each member account will receive a one-time upgrade gift upon upgrading. If your membership level was previously downgraded in the new year, no upgrade gift will be given. However, once you regain the new level qualification, you will be eligible for the “Upgrade Gift” again.

◼ Birthday Gift: If you provide complete birthday information at registration and become a seasoned friend two days before your birthday, the birthday gift will be sent by the system one day before your birthday, valid for 30 days. You will receive this gift once per natural year. If you become a seasoned friend after your birthday month, your birthday gift will take effect in the following year’s birthday month. This reward requires the purchase of one drink before receiving another free drink.

◼︎Coupon Redemption Method: The validity period of discount coupons is determined by the terms stated on the coupon. Each transaction is limited to the use of one coupon for discount redemption. Accumulation of points is only possible after discount redemption. Coupons cannot be used in conjunction with other gift coupons. Other relevant regulations are based on the instructions stated on the coupon.

◼︎Points Accumulation Method: Membership points are valid for 90 days. Points that expire will be automatically forfeited, and no retention or re-issuance will be provided. Membership benefits are not applicable for in-store delivery, your order meal platforms, delivery platforms (UberEats, Foodpanda), and peripheral product purchases.

#Some stores are not applicable, please refer to the announcements of individual stores for details.

#In response to plastic reduction! Except for free drink coupons, “buy one get one free coupons,” “free topping coupons,” and “amount discount coupons” can be combined with the government’s eco-cup discount of $5.


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