KEBUKE X JKOPAY 80% discount ticket for online order

KEBUKE X JKOPAY 80% discount ticket for online order


KEBUKE X JKOPAY will offer an 80% discount whileordering online

2022-08-01 – 2022-08-31

Use the “Order for Take Out ” inJKOPAYAPP to order KEBUKE product, then will get the80%discount.

◼︎ How to get the discount coupon online
▻ Get the coupon directly: use JKOPAY APP andget the “Drink Coupon”(Limited to get onecoupon per JOKOPAY user)
▻ Store consumption to get the coupon: Go tothe assigned beverage brand branch store anduse JKOPAY, then will get the one coupon, buymore get more.
▻Noted: There is no consumption amountlimitation for getting the coupon. The discountamount for each order is NT$30. “Get thecoupon directly” and “Store consumption toget the coupon” would have 5,000 coupons foreach one, the total number of coupons is10,000.


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