Kebuke X Peanuts Spring Berries Launch!

Kebuke X Peanuts Spring Berries Launch!


Kebuke X Peanuts Collaboration Drinks

From 14 th February, let’s enjoy the flavor of berries and greentea which brings you the taste of the first love.

The spring breeze swiping, the juicy berries melt into the greentea’s sweetness. The integration of sweet and sour brings outlayered changes, and the aftertaste of tea is lingering.


-Limited Drinks Prices-

【Green Tea with Mixed Berries】Large NT$65, Medium NT$55
‧Berries are made from natural fruits, edible for vegans.
‧ Above price list is for Taipei city, New Taipei City, Keelung City, theprice of the store out of this area would less NT$5.


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