KEBUKE X Gogoro Collaboration

KEBUKE X Gogoro Collaboration


Yes, KEBUKE will back up you!

It’s the first time that KEBUKE join hands with Gogoro, and we release 4 types of cup sealing in this event. The inspiration for collaborated cup sealing is creating a character, a campus rookie named Rookie, and what happens to Rookie’s daily campus life, such as preparing to examine the motorcycle driver’s license. To echo the theme of the Gogoro and motorcycle license, we refer to a voting result voted by motorcycle driver examinees of which part is the most difficult of the test and put the voting result into the cup sealing designs. Furthermore, we also integrate some popular memes in 2022 as an element into the designs, making the design content close to the life of youth people. Furthermore, there is a QR code on the cup sealing to access the draw game. We invite you not only to drink the teas but also to have fun with games and events in this collaboration.


Join the draw game for winning a Gogoro

KEBUKE and Gogoro teamed up to create a unique special Gogoro VIVA MIX, and launch the campaign to draw the Special Gogoro VIVA MIX

■ Campaign period: September 19.2022 – November 15.2022

■ Campaign:

Step 1: Consume 88 NTD  in every KBUKE branch store

Step 2: Join KBUKE Line official account and enter 『這裡有要抽Gogoro嗎?』

Step3: After interaction with line robot and fill in the receipt information of each consumption, than will get one chance of drawing.

■ Prize: Gogoro VIVA MIX Crossover Special Version – KEUBUKE Unique Blue(Limited number for 3)


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