You drink it, PlusPay(全盈+Pay) Pay It!

You drink it, PlusPay(全盈+Pay) Pay It!


KEBUKE Signature Black Tea and PlusPay launch thelimited cooperation activity, you drink black tea andPlusPay pay it.

■Campaign 1
-Activity: The first order will be paid by PlusPay, the limitation of each order is 50 NTD. (Each person is limited once per week; the number is limited to 4,000.)

■Campaign 2
-Activity: Use exclusive QRcode to register on PlusPay user and will get one cup of FamilyMart medium sizeAmericano.

■Bonus! Consume 1 NTD get 1 FamilyMart point
-Period: will be ended on Dec.31,2022
-Activity: Pay by PlusPay at all the FamilyMart and sale channels.

1. Activity 1 period starts from Sep.1(THU)-Sep. 4(SUN),the total is 5 weeks.
2. All the reward points will be separately released inFamilyMart App, the details will follow FamilyMart’s policy.
3. Please check more details on the PlusPay website.
4. PlusPay and KEBUKE Signature Black Tea reserves the right of the final interpretation of this event, and reserves the right to change/terminate/cancel this event at anytime.


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