Lemon is the fashion! White Gourd with Lemon Reissue now

Quench Your Thirst with Lemon, let’s drink it!

Quenching your thirst with lemon, let’s do it!

With the arrival of the Mid-Autumn Festival, KEBUKE has launched the best fashion drink for barbecue. The refreshing and delicious new product in autumn – ” White Gourd with Lemon (冷露檸果)” will be officially launched in all the branch stores in Taiwan from September 8th!

Only the classics can surpass the classics. You can not only enjoy barbecue with Signature Black Tea, but also drink the White Gourd with Lemon to relieve the greasy. Let’s admire the moon and drink the fresh teas.


Retro the Classic, Trendy Reproduction

We remix the two elements of “White Gourd” and “Lemon” to remix a special refresh drink, ” White Gourd with Lemon (冷露檸果)”. A whole lemon soaked in the gourd liquid which brewed by the old recipe, the mixed flavor is fully sweet with lightly acid aftertaste. Furthermore, the visual of the drink is refresh and beauty which is exactly great for sharing on social media in this festival holidays.