Kebuke X Peanuts The Fantasy Journey of Dreaming

“DREAM BIG, ACT SMALL, The Fantasy Journey of Kebueke!”. Kebeke Signature Black Tea are joining hands with Snoopy of PEANUTS to open a wonderful journey. The event started from Dec 15th, let’s play with Snoopy in the Faience world.


Kebuke X Peanuts Collaborated Drinks
“Good Tea, Good Dream, Good Day!” Kebuke still owns the heart to offer good tea. With the coming of Chinese New Year, we open the overture with a fruit-fragrant black tea – Earl grey tea, mixing the citrus aroma and delicate flora flavor. Not only enjoy the teas but also can experience the new style of teas. Snoopy inspired our imagination with five new drinks, “Earl Grey Tea”, “Earl Grey Tea with Almond Jelly”,

Earl Grey Tea with Berries and Mandarins Jelly”, “Oat Milk Tea with Cherry Flavored Coffee Cubes”, and “Milk Tea with Cherry Flavored Coffee Cubes”. With a berries flavor, almond jelly, and cherry flavored coffee cubes. Let’s have a winter taste symphony with Kebuke! In this collaboration, we designed two cup sealing patterns and eight large cup designs, and two medium cup designs, the collaboration cups would be used in the activity period. “Let the dream fly high” leads us into the universe of Snoopy’s imagination, we create the unique style of Snoopy and Kebuke which would bring the crush in the bubble tea market.


Kebuke X Peanuts Life of Teas Collaboration Products
“Quench the Thirsty of Life by Dreams, Liberate the Tea by Art”.

This Snoopy imagination world is the integration of traditional skill of Faience and pop art. The delicate Faience create a rich and fantasy imagination world and use the pop art style to transform the Faience brushes into the comic style lines. Showing a great collision between new and old.  There are three products lines of this collaboration, “Stainless Steel Tumbler “, “Denim Cup Carrier “and “Hexagonal Liquid Absorbing Ceramic Coaster”. Drinking teas will beyond enjoying teas, it is the taste of life.


Kebuke X Peanuts Pets Collaboration Products
Let’s adventure with Snoopy! Inspired by the Peanuts comic story, a doggy, Snoopy, who loves daydreaming, writing, and reading is adopted by Charlie Brown. This pet collection cooperates with “Something Studio”, we invite the dogs from this animal shelter to film the main visual, and use this opportunity to help the furry kids find their new home. In this collection, there have four products as “Long Flocking Carpet”, “Pet China High Feet Bowl”, “Pet Chest Bag Leash Set” and “Pet Multi-function Toy”. The way combines Faience and western pop art creates a unique mixed beauty and makes your flurry doggy more fashionable.


Kebuke X Peanuts Collection Product
This time, we join hands with the brand, “TALES”, one local brand of Taiwan Place Museum, and launch 500 sets of “Flying Dragon and Blessed Phoenix Full Moon Teapot Sets”. Whether you are sharing your life or dreams with your friends, tea will be your best company.  “Snoopy Bloom Cup Platte Set” is delivering the blessing meaning of a bright future as a blooming flower. In the design of teapot sets, we use two famous decorated patterns in Bronze Age, one is the Kui(夔) decor (the ancient beast with one leg) and another is the cloud-thunder decor.  Regarding Kui(夔) decor, this beast of legend could shine as sun and roar as thunder, therefore, it represents the blessed meaning of “Once the first spring thunder falls, the earth and creatures come alive”. Furthermore, the peony pattern shows elegance and grace which is full of the Zen of wealth and fortune.


Kebuke X Peanuts Limited Store Cards
Let’s do the treasure hunt with Snoopy! Kebuke Signature Black Tea classical menu store card launched 12 different Kebuke X Peanuts collaborated store cards. The store cards integrate the function of the calendar, and every design shows Snoopy’s unique imagination. The store card is available in all the branch stores in Taiwan. offer valid while stocks last.