Iced Lemon – New Product Promotion

KEBUKE signature black tea has released our new Iced Lemon drink. To our Four Fruit Black Tea, rich in cherry, nutmeg, raspberry, and blackcurrant, we add an entire sliced lemon to create a drink bursting with fruit flavor. To celebrate Chinese Valentine’s Day, which is coming soon, KEBUKE is adding our Confession Stickers promotion. During the promotion period, go to any KEBUKE signature black tea store and buy any drink to get a sticker.

◼︎ Iced Lemon – NT$50
‘Iced’ sounds like ‘S’, reminding one of the ‘S’ shape that ladies of Shanghai in the 30s to 50s would style their hair into with hair clips. It was quite the smart style among Shanghai girls of the time. Iced Lemon starts with a foundation of Four Fruit Black Tea, which is a fruit tea made from carefully selected Sri Lankan leaves. The light, smooth taste combines girls’ favorite tastes of cherry, nutmeg, raspberry, and blackcurrant, creating a unique fruit flavor. We add an entire lemon to create wonderfully new & exciting flavors. Iced Lemon is a limited-time product, available while Four Fruit Black Tea is available. Quantities are limited.

◼︎ Lover’s Day confession sticker bonus Leave a comment to get a chance at a supreme two-person steak dinner

In time for the season, KEBUKE is releasing our secret weapon for Lover’s Day confessions: Confession stickers! From Jul. 31 to Aug. 7, go to any KEBUKE signature black tea store around Taiwan and buy any drink to get a sticker. Share your confession photos and stories and get a chance to enjoy a supreme steak dinner for two.

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Iced Lemon, bursting with fruit flavors, is an enchanting treat for the eyes and mouth. It’s light and never excessive, with a lovely fruity scent, bringing a bit of sweetness to Chinese Valentine’s Day. The eyes of love are for me and you – Iced Lemon. Get an Iced Lemon, add your confession sticker, and let KEBUKE help you express what’s in your heart to that someone special. Make a summer love song!

◼︎ Grab an Iced Lemon with a friend Get chance at free tickets for Sadako
That most horrific of vengeful spirits, Sadako, has returned! 
 The movie Sadako, which tells of her return, comes to screens Aug. 23. Grab a cup of Iced Lemon to abate the grudges in your heart. Get a friend to probe the mysteries of Sadako’s fearsome origin.

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