『ALL YOU NEED IS REAL TALK』Dcard co-branding promotion

KEBUKE signature black tea has joined forces with Dcard, the largest youth internet platform in Taiwan, to present a special project, “All you need is real talk”. With a hippie-inspired cup design, and 8 limited #ALL YOU NEED IS REAL TALK cup seals. We’re also releasing 2 limited-time co-branded matcha beverages: Passion Matcha and Ruby Matcha. During the promotion period, any in-store purchase of a co-branded beverage receives an event-limited sticker. We’ve also launched a variety of fun Instagram filters and stickers, to make your online experiences more wonderful. The “Hot Line” section on Dcard’s homepage is open to confessions from all Dcarders, so everyone gets a chance to become a Dcard star.


The main visual design of our co-branded cup boldly adopts a colorfully psychedelic style, inspired by hippies of the 1960s. The hippie movement was about a desire for love and peace. Freedom was what they sought in life, with romance as the purity they gave to the world. “Speak the truth and do what feels good” encourages everyone to become a romantic hippie who has the courage to express themselves. As we hug each other, share the love and care that is all around us.

The co-branded cup seals feature truthful words about love, career, and friendship, such as “Can you stop loving me?”, “Can I love you?”, “Can you not get mad at me?”, “Can you stop talking nonsense?”, “Can I leave work on time?”, “Can I get a raise?” and so on. There are also blank cup seals, to help you freely display your creativity. Let KEBUKE/Dcard Co-Branded Cups and Cup Seals help you say out loud what is in your heart!

Passion Matcha and Ruby Matcha: Bravely show your real self

Passion Matcha: Shizuoka matcha meets sweet, sour passion fruit konjac jelly; the aroma of ripe fruit and winter melon transforms into a floral and refreshing vibe from the rich matcha. The smooth, sweet aroma with chewy texture is what makes this taste so unique. The fresh, vivid colors, just like the straightforwardness and enthusiasm of “Passion” itself, gives courage to express your true self.

Ruby Matcha: Combined with rich Shizuoka matcha-flavored milk, carefully-selected ruby chocolate from Belgium is a perfect match for the light sweetness of winter melon. There are final notes of a slight natural berry sourness, creating a multilayered, rich taste. The elegant, romantic pink color, with its fresh and pleasant “Ruby” attitude, bravely expresses love and sincerity.

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