“I Want All!” KEBUKE Signature Black Tea joins forces with KFC

With the coming of the holiday season, KEBUKE Signature Black Tea and KFC are joining hands for a multi-service collaboration. We’ve transformed our Signature Black Tea and ruby chocolate into elegant desserts, creating the new limited-time product KEBUKE Ruby Au lait Egg Tart and dual-flavor gift boxes. This will provide a unique, interesting experiences this Christmas for your tastebuds! This co-branded product will be available from December 7th to February 28th, 2022. We have also launched two Christmas-month limited cup seals, to bring new colors and delights to your beverage enjoyment.


——KEBUKE Ruby Au lait Egg Tart, with a secret recipe

When we turn our rich ruby chocolate into a hot, delicious egg tart, the fluffy egg tart is filled with sweet Signature Black Tea filling, then served with panna cotta and ruby chocolate sauce. Inside, you’ll find layers of surprise and a perfect pairing, for a rich taste sensation that reaches the pinnacle of layered perfection. This product will be available at KFC stores beginning December 7th. Try a bite and see how our inspiration will delight you.

—— “I Want It All!” Get a limited shop card coupon and enjoy a discount

Endless Christmas surprises await you this winter, starting with our Choco-Venture and a dream meeting with KFC’s Colonel Sanders. We extend the visual design to combine the features and classic icons of both brands in our limited-edition shop card. During the event period, any purchase that includes Milk Tea with Ruby Chocolate & Panna Cotta or Milk Tea with Ruby Chocolate will receive a limited shop card coupon. With this coupon, you can buy a co-branded egg tart box at a discounted price in KFC restaurants.

—— Try a Choco Venture Color Personality Test for Christmas Time

We offer you not just delightful tastes, but also wonderful colors! Try adding a splash of healing color to the end of 2021. We extend our design from color combination such as egg tarts and ruby chocolate to lead everyone to the destination of Choco Venture—Dreamland, where chocolate will melt your heart just like the snowy scenery does. Starting now, go KEBUKE’s official LINE account and complete the interactive game to receive an opportunity to get a co-branded egg tart box for free!

—— Secret version of “Hat Tricks” for winter 🎩

Before Christmas, we have specially made Christmas chocolates as Christmas surprises to give back to our guests, with two limited flavors: Milk Tea with Ruby Chocolate & Panna Cotta, and Milk Tea with Chocolate & Panna Cotta. We look forward to sharing with you our Milk Tea with Chocolate & Panna Cotta’s whole new look. (Refer to KEBUKE’S Facebook page for event information.)

In the design for our PR gift box, we combine multiple layer ideas – beverages, egg tarts, shop card coupons, and chocolates – and use the classic hat from the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as the main graphic element. The gorgeous leather texture on the box features a KEBUKE window grille, and is decorated with silk ribbons to create a special visual feast that is looks as unique as it tastes.