K’Lub! Member Benefits Q&A

K’Lub! Member Benefits Q&A


Membership Regulations

Q: How can I join the membership?
A: You can join the membership by accessing the “Membership Center” on the official Kebuke Line account or by scanning the membership QR code at any Kebuke store. Follow the instructions to complete the registration process.

Q: Can I use the membership system at all Kebuke stores nationwide?
A: Some stores are not yet integrated into the membership system due to ongoing development. Stores that are currently not accepting membership include the Xinying Rest Area store.

Q: How can I accumulate consumption points as a member?
A: You can accumulate consumption points by presenting your member barcode through the Line official account or Ocard APP during purchases, or by providing your phone number before checkout.

Q: Can I take a photo or screenshot of my membership barcode or discount coupons for usage?
A: Membership barcodes and discount coupons have expiration dates and are not accepted if presented as screenshots or photos. This is to prevent misuse of membership benefits.

Q: How long is the validity period for the Friend Membership level?

A: The validity period for each membership level threshold is 365 days. If you upgrade to the next membership level within 365 days, the validity period for the new level starts from the upgrade date.

Membership Points

Q: What can I do with the points? Do they expire?
A: You can earn 1 point for every $50 spent, and points can be used to redeem corresponding discount coupons. Points expire after 90 days if not redeemed.

Q: If I use a discount coupon, how is the accumulation of points calculated?
A: After using a discount coupon for payment, points are accumulated based on the final invoice amount. For example, if a $100 order uses a $5 discount coupon, points are accumulated based on the $95 final amount.

Q: Can I accumulate membership points and meet the consumption threshold through orders placed via delivery platforms or ordering platforms?
A: Orders placed through phone calls for delivery or ordering platforms (online delivery, online pickup) are not eligible for accumulating membership points or meeting consumption thresholds or participating in point accumulation activities.

Q: Can purchases of peripheral products accumulate consumption amounts and participate in point accumulation activities?
A: Purchases of peripheral products are not included in the calculation of consumption amounts for meeting thresholds or participating in point accumulation activities, except for designated additional point promotions. For example, purchasing an environmental cup priced at $580 will earn 3 membership points, but the $580 spent on the peripheral product does not count towards the consumption threshold for membership upgrade.

Q: Can membership points be transferred to friends or family?
A: Currently, membership points cannot be transferred to friends or family members.


Gift Coupons

Q: What is the validity period for discount coupons?
A: The validity period of each discount coupon is indicated on the coupon itself.

Q: Can discount coupons be used in combination with other discount coupons?
A: Each discount coupon can only be used individually, and only one discount coupon can be used per order.

Q: Can discount coupons be used in conjunction with other promotions?
A: Discount coupons cannot be used in conjunction with other promotional offers provided by Kebuke during the promotion period.

Q: If an invoice is voided, will the points and discount coupons be refunded?
A: Points will be refunded, and discount coupons will be returned.

Q: What does “regular menu” refer to in terms of applicable drinks for the coupon?
A: The “regular menu” refers to the standard menu items listed. Any items specifically mentioned on the coupon are not applicable.



If you have any further questions, please feel free to message the official Kebuke fan page for assistance. Thank you!


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