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KEBUKE Go to Spring Wave Feb. 12 Launch Five Promotion Cups to Drink with Music

Good Luck Charm of Tiger Year – Mature Gold Version release on online store on January 31th .

KEBUKE 2022 New Year Product Good Luck Charm of Tiger Year.

Christmas presents for all! Classic chocolate squares in two flavors now available: Milk Tea with Ruby Chocolate & Panna Cotta, and Milk Tea with Chocolate & Panna Cotta

KEBUKE × KFC: Co-branded KFC/KEBUKE Ruby Au lait Egg Tart available starting December 7th

KEBUKE: A Dream of Choco-Venture launched on November 3rd!

Shining like translucent jade: Add agar pearls to any drink

KEBUKE: Drink the way you love  Green Tea with Pear Juice and Osmanthus Agar Pearl, available Aug. 1st